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Quantum Devil Saga 2
**Current page**: 3
This is a WIP of the full text of Quantum Devil Saga 2, typed up and converted
to PDF/EPUB via `pandoc`.
My reasoning for this is that while Quantum Devil Saga 1 has a digital edition,
Quantum Devil Saga 2 does *not*. Bento Books appears to be going under (likely
due to the events of COVID-19), and legitimate copies of QDS2 are becoming
harder and harder to source.
*This is piracy and I admit it as such.*

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# The Territories of the Junkyard
- Muladhara: Held by the Embryon tribe, led by Serph.
- Svadhisthana: Held by the Embryon tribe, formerly under the control of the
- Manipura: Held by the Maribel tribe, led by Jinana, allied with the Embryon.
- Anahata: Held by the Embryon tribe, formerly under the control of the Solids.
- Vishuddha: Held by the Wolves tribe, led by Canis Volk.
- Ajna: Held by the Brutes tribe, led by Varin Omega.
- Sahasrara: The inviolate territory that holds the Temple, the headquarters of
the Church of the Arbiters of Karma.
# Chapter 6
> Only from one side can there be any question here of illuminating the fact
> that sin is a position. ...A constituent of sin is the self as infinitely
> potentiated by the conception of God, and thus in turn it is the greatest
> possible consciousness of sin as a deed. This is the expression for the fact
> that sin is a position; the positive factor in it is precisely this, that it
> is before God.
> -- Kierkegaard, _A Sickness Unto Death_
"Church records confirm that this man is indeed a Newborn," Gale said to the
others seated at the tactical planning table, his voice flat and mechanical.
"The timestamp on his creation profile is twenty days ago, ten days after the
manifestation of the Atma phenomenon and our defeat of the Vanguards."
The table's three-dimensional projector displayed the bust of the red-haired
escapee from the Wolves, as well as a simple readout showing his combat
capabilities and the name of his Atma. The man himself, known as Lupa, sat at
the table beside the Embryon leaders, his shoulders drawn in and face screwed up
in discomfort.
Lupa had appeared in Embryon territory with a group of individuals claiming to
be fugitives from the Wolves. The rest of the group was now being kept in a
holding facility. Although they had showed no sign of hostility, it was clear
that something had them more than a little frightened, and the Embryon leaders
wanted to get to the bottom of their story as soon as possible.
As the fugitives' leader and de facto representative,